The lakes of Abetone: the Santo Lake

Giorgio GaleottiLago Santo Modenese – Pievepelago, Modena, Italy – June 3, 2017 – 02CC BY 4.0

A few kilometers from Pievepelago there is the Santo Lake; the largest natural lake of the Modena Apennines of mixed origin. In fact, the lake is both of glacial origin and landslide, as evidenced by the terrace that is located 150 meters above the lake from which flows a small stream that falls into the lake.
This terrace breaks the uniformity of the Monte Giovo wall, which overlooks the lake and is reflected in the water.
The lake is located in the Frignano Park, the protected natural area of the Modenese Apennines; from here different paths start, that make you stroll through the pure nature of the park and allow you to reach different places. Near the Lake Santo and reachable through these paths are Baccio Lake and the smaller Turchino and Torbido and then take you back to the starting lake.
During the summer there are many tourists and enthusiasts who come to relax on the lake and, in this period, the many blueberry plants are filled with fruit.
During the winter the landscape turns into an enchanted place, the snow covers everything and the lake freezes.
Near the shore it is possible to have a picnic (respecting nature) or it is possible to eat at the Alpine Refuge which has outdoor and indoor tables and a terrace overlooking the lake.
The lake can be reached from Pievepelago through the town of Tagliole and then following the directions for Santo Lake; another road from Abetone has recently been opened in the town of Dogana Nuova. It is also possible to reach it from the car park which is very close to the lake.