The flora of Abetone in the Botanical Garden

Protect and make known the environment of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines, this is the aim of the Abetone Forest Botanical Garden which, since 1990, has been responsible for preserving the flora of this territory.
It is located in the municipality of Abetone Cutigliano and is easily accessible by car; inside there are distinct areas that represent the different environments of the Pistoiese mountains.
The forest area where the park is located represents the wooded areas of the mountain with prevalence of beech and white fir trees; but there are also spruces, mountain maples and other protected trees. In the underbrush part you can see many flowers, such as the white anemone, the violet geranium and the bird’s nest orchid.
This area is the closest to the entrance and, thanks to this, it was possible to realize the “mushroom path”; here, in suitable periods, various fungal species typical of the area can be observed.
Continuing the path, in the highest part there are the vast grasslands, where, in the north facing slopes is the blueberry moor; here are large extensions of blueberry, false blueberry and juniper.
In the lower and more shaded part of the park, on the other hand, a wet area was recreated, closing the course of a small stream. This represents the stagnations of water that create particular and rather rare environments in nature.
From the Garden there are several trekking paths that lead to the nearby peaks; one of these leads directly to Lago Nero and allows families to walk in the middle of nature with their children without too much effort.