Adventure Park: fun at Abetone

Adventure parks are ideal for spending a day having fun in close contact with nature; suitable for adults and children, you can climb trees, face suspension bridges and jump into the void!
All this in complete safety thanks to the trained instructors and the equipment that they will provide you. There are several parks in the area that offer routes for everyone; the little ones will be welcomed in the dedicated spaces where they can safely venture on the simplest routes; adults, on the other hand, will have different levels of difficulty that can be tackled at different heights.
At the Doganaccia Adventure Park, for example, there are three types of routes: blue, green and red.
The difficulty in this case depends on the height, which starts from a minimum of 1.50mt of the Blue path to 8mt of the Red route.
Here you can test yourself with suspension bridges, vertical nets, liana bridges and swinging logs to conclude with the cableway; there is also the possibility to use only the cableway at a reduced price.
The Adventure Park Cimone offers activities for all ages within the Appennino woods. You can enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature and then face paths suspended among the trees, exploring the forest from another angle, the little ones can slide on the rubber boats on the slopes of the park or drive the miniquads.
An Adventure Park a bit different is definitely the Canyon Park, the only park in Tuscany that, instead of developing its paths on the trees, they created them on the rock! The park is inside a canyon where initially on the bottom are the rapids of the Lima torrent that then calm down into a gorge.
You can climb the rock with climbing harness and cables and then launch with the cableways that fly over the river. For the less intrepid the park also provides yoga classes in the woods or on floating platforms!
They are ideal for adults and children who love nature and sport without missing out on a little adventure!