Typical products of Abetone

The main and most delicious typical products of Abetone come from the undergrowth.

Our undergrowth is in fact one of the richest and most famous areas for the production and quality of blueberries but also raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, chestnuts and precious mushrooms.

A good part of the harvest is distributed fresh, for immediate consumption; part of the harvest, however, is given to companies for processing into jams, syrups, juices and spirits.

Blueberry, a typical product par excellence, Abetone dedicates the Blueberry Festival that takes place every year in August.

Other delicacies are mushrooms. The “sleeper” is a characteristic fungus, also known as marzuolo; it is recognized for the hat that varying from white to gray, for the white-gray gills, spaced, with a buttery consistency. The stem, squat and cylindrical, full and fleshy, straight or curved, white or gray satin. Its flesh is white, thick but tender, greyish under the cuticle of the hat, has a light and pleasant scent that recalls honey and a pleasant and very delicate taste.