The lakes of Abetone: The Black Lake

TkcleviLago Nero (1974m)CC BY-SA 4.0

Among the lakes in the area of Abetone one of the best known is certainly the Lago Nero (Black Lake), a lake of glacial origin so called for the dark reflection of its waters.
It is surrounded by mountains, in particular from the Alpe Tre Potenze, and is not far from the Botanical Gardens of Abetone. From here, in fact, with an hour and a half walk you can reach the lake through the woods.
In the lake there are two species of protected newts, the alpine and the crested and in the surrounding nature it is possible to see the marmot and the golden eagle; here are many blueberry and raspberry plants that are filled with fruit in summer.
Near the lake is the bivouac, run by volunteers, where 16 beds are available and an equipped kitchen. During the summer, running water is available, while in winter it is missing; if you intend to use the bivouac it is advisable to contact the managers not to find it closed.
The Lago Nero can be reached through different paths, it is, in fact, in a junction of more or less complicated paths to be faced that lead to the nearby peaks or to other places such as the one leading to the Botanical Garden.
To get to the lake you can also take the chairlift in Val di Luce and arrived at the top following a path in 30 minutes you will reach the lake.
After this walk you will find yourself surrounded by nature and by a breathtaking view!