Abetone Sport Fishing

Relax in the green of the forests and mountains of the Apennines, escape from the warm and noisy city and enjoy the silence, the cool and the sound of water from streams and lakes.
Here’s what brings so many fishing enthusiasts in these areas.
At Abetone and in general in the Montagna Pistoiese sport fishing is allowed and every day between July and August is practicable at Lago Verde and also in some stretches of the Lima torrent.
Even at Lago Santo, fishing is permitted for members of the S.V.A. and from July to August it is open to the public, even if regulated and limited.
Here you can find various types of fish because, in the past,the fishermen brought fish not from the area to the lake and at the end of the day, they used to unload the unused ones in the lake water. Indeed they can be found barbels, chubs and tenches, non-native fishes, but also river trouts, char and steel head.
There are many lakes that allow fishing and are located near restaurants and bars where you can ask for information and where you can refresh yourself while enjoying typical products and dishes of the area!